Cyber risk has grown into a liability that costs business millions of dollars per year. The increasing sophistication and frequency of data breaches are continually challenging organizations’ cyber mitigation and risk management teams. Sophisticated cyber criminals put business-critical information, intellectual property, and personally identifiable information at risk. That’s why our Cybersecurity Advisory and Security Consulting Services can help enterprises mitigate risk.
INNSKILL’s. Managed Services’ Cybersecurity Advisory and Security Consulting Services, a component of our Cloud Professional Services, addresses the essential elements of cybersecurity, from strategy, governance, and risk management to architecture, implementation, and management. Our services help CIOs and CISOs to determine the maturity of their security landscape and to help them make informed cybersecurity risk management decisions to protect critical data and infrastructure. Tailored to specific business and technology requirements, industry security team’s expertise, and our actionable insights help CIOs and CISOs make informed cybersecurity risk management decisions to enhance resilience in the face of ever-growing cyber threats.

Endpoint Protection Management

A Single Point of Control

Mitigate vulnerabilities introduced by remote laptops and employees with Endpoint Protection Management. Industry studies confirm that a large percentage of security attacks could have been prevented by maintaining operating system patches.
Companies may have hundreds or even thousands of endpoints that must be configured, deployed, patched, protected and supported.
Our endpoint management solution helps reduce the lifecycle management costs of user laptops and desktops. With automated delivery of updates, real-time inventory and audits, we help ensure computers continue to increase productivity and efficiency throughout the organization.